How Quartz uses a dedicated branded content team to create sponsored content that reads like the rest of its editorial content

Quartz is differentiating its sponsored content from that of other publishers’ by incorporating compelling storytelling and design, Aleszu Bajak writes. Quartz’s in-house creative team comes up with stories and ideas relevant to an advertiser’s product, running the ideas through a design team, a development team and a branded content team. A key part of that process is that the advertiser trusts Quartz’s team to come up with a captivating idea. Executive director of client services Jane Grenier says of Quartz’s approach: “We are creating a subtle halo around the brand rather than directly lighting up brand features.”

+ In order for native advertising to get around ad-blockers, Nikolay Malyarov says it needs to be audience-centric and pass through the same filters as your editorial content (INMA)