How publishers are approaching strategies for a new social network called The List App

Since it was opened to the public earlier this month, publishers are using a new social network called The List App to reclaim the listicle. The List App, which was created by The Office’s B.J. Novak, allows users to create lists, relist (similar to retweet) others’ lists, and save lists. The New York Times is using The List App to post shortened versions of its “5 things to know” morning briefing. NYT’s social media desk editor Cynthia Collins says they’ve also seen success with digests of hard news events, such as on the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon earlier this month.

+ NPR’s Serri Graslie on the potential of The List App as a platform to explain and engage with audiences: “We’re already skilled at the conversational explainer and there is a real demand for them online. List proved to me that they don’t have to be watered down or lack nuance. Just write short!” (NPR Social Media Desk)