How journalists can stay connected without conferences, through Slack or Hangouts

Melody Kramer writes about how journalists are interacting and learning from each other when attending conferences isn’t an option. While email can achieve some connection, creating Slack channels like @ModernoJourno or Google Hangouts leaves room for more informal interaction and reduces stress. “Having a chat room or regular Hangout feels more intimate than a Facebook group, and allows for more detailed conversation than the 140 characters allowed on Twitter,” writes Kramer.

+ Design tips: Value microinteractions: “You can take what is usually dull and forgotten and make it something enjoyable and memorable, and thus increase adoption and customer loyalty.” (DesignRive); How to sift and prioritize audience feedback (Intercom)

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+ Be more judicious with math lingo, for clarity: avoid “calculus,” “exponentially,” unless you mean it (New York Times)