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Feedback loops: Making social media metrics work for the newsroom


“Without analysis, social media metrics are little more than numbers,” writes Chris Sutcliffe. He talks with editors from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and the UK’s CityAM about how they use existing metrics to work with journalists and improve the newsroom’s approach to social media and why the constant refinement of distributing stories through social media is so important.

+ The 17 best distribution tools for your content (Buffer Blog); How to set up Twitter Cards for a news site (Sarah Marshall); Explain it like I’m 8: audience targeting (AdAge)

+ 4 tips for thriving as an investigative freelance reporter (IJNet); A list of more than 75 online tools and apps for investigative reporting(

+ To develop user-experience insights and skills, define how many hours you should spend observing actual user behavior each year (Nielsen Norman Group); A quick guide to user testing and how to run user tests at a conference (Smashing Magazine)

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