Could The Washington Post’s Arc CMS ‘blow the top off’ the industry?

The Washington Post is pitching its Arc CMS to other news organizations, with the pitch that it provides the tools for everything a publisher needs to do, in exchange for a fee based on the amount of data used. And, if that’s successful, Washington Post chief information officer Shailesh Prakash argues that Arc could totally transform the news industry: “If, at some point, Arc becomes good enough to have it not offered by us but by Amazon Web Services, that I think will blow the top off this industry. Because then you go to Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, and it’s a different story than a newspaper company showing up and trying to prove that they are actually techie.”

+ The Washington Post’s approach to alternative story forms, such as bingo games and guess-your-age quizzes: “We want something easy for Post journalists to go into, find, and embed within their stories, and to get the whole organization thinking: what’s the best way to get a user to understand and engage with a story?” (Nieman Lab)