The New York Times profiles some of its top commenters, which include a minister, stay-at-home mom and a 95-year-old who writes his comments as poetry

To put faces to its comment section, The New York Times profiled 14 of its top commenters. To choose who to profile, NYT used a statistical analysis of how often their comments had been recommended, as well as the judgement of their comment moderators. Some highlights: 95-year-old Larry Eisenberg comments in poetry, writer Rima Regas comments to keep her writing skills sharp while caring for her child, and Asia Simmons says the commenting community has become a group of anonymous friends for her.

+ Jonathan Kieran spent a year frequenting comment sections across the Internet: “I learned that it’s never just about the comments. Pick a comments section — any comments section — and each one becomes a revelatory scrying bowl in which to glimpse the underlying neuroses and dark, unpleasant truths that lurk beneath the surface of mundane human squabbling.” (Daily Dot)