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Sending push notifications selectively increases user engagement with them


In what claims to be the largest study of push notifications ever, Urban Airship found the average opt-in rate for receiving push notifications from an installed app was 43 percent, a 2-point decline from last year. But for the apps that tailored notifications and were more selective, engagement was four times that of other apps and had twice the retention. With more push notifications, people will be more discerning about which they want to receive, but will care more about the notifications they do want. Urban AirShip CEO Brett Caine says: “As more and more apps turn to notifications … it’s natural users will become more selective about which apps they allow to send push notifications.”

+ How BuzzFeed News app makes notifications useful to readers by deciding what push notifications users truly need and earlier: BuzzFeed’s experiment with push notifications that provide context (BuzzFeed)

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