The Republican convention will tests the limits of both Trump and the news media

This week’s Republican National Convention won’t only test the limits of Trump as a presidential candidate, Jim Rutenberg writes. The convention will also test the limits of news organizations, as Trump has something he’s never had before: “Nearly full control of the national media stage for four straight evenings in prime time, across not only cable news, but, at least for one hour every night, the broadcast networks as well.” Rutenberg argues this could potentially be a defining moment in the history of news: Will news organizations hand themselves over to a “Trump infomercial,” or will they “rediscover their vital role of providing context, perspective and truth”?

+ Journalism professor argues: “The two criteria for journalists to abandon their objectivity have come to pass: Trump is widely criticized, even by his own party, giving journalists a lot of company in their criticism of him. … And Trump’s views appear increasingly deviant. No respected journalist would seek a balancing quote from someone who held such a view about a judge or who suggested, as Trump did last month after the Orlando shootings, that a sitting president was in cahoots with a mass murderer” (Columbia Journalism Review); The Republican convention will also test the limits of Trump’s media bans and show how the rest of the party feels about Trump’s battles with the media (New York Times)