Why more readers should frequent the comment section

While some are giving up on the comments section, Natalie Jomini Stroud says there’s still compelling evidence that the comment section can be good for both readers and news organizations. Comments provide an important way for journalists to interact with their readers. And with a focus on making the comment section a more civil place, comments can be an important venue for political discussion. As for how to do that, Stroud suggests: “Increasing the number of commenters can help to diversify the voices contributing to the discussion. Instead of an echo chamber, the comment section ideally should be a place where people could encounter different perspectives on the news. Positive feedback, such as recommendations, may be one way to work toward this end.”

+ Nick Denton on why the comment section is still of value to news organizations: “The principle is that the Internet is an interactive medium, and an exchange between readers and writers is a much more meaningful form of interaction than a like or a share … But above all, this is just the way that Internet news should be. Why wouldn’t you want to tap the opinions and expertise of your readership?” (Fortune)