Lessons from Reported.ly’s social-first model: There’s a balance between protecting people and informing them, and choose your platforms wisely

At the Online News Association conference on Saturday, the staff of Reported.ly gathered to talk about the lessons they learned from the 20 months of Reported.ly. The goal of Reported.ly was to inform people through social media, but its small size meant that it couldn’t do everything, Andy Carvin says. While the team wanted to do more on Reddit, it largely focused on Twitter and Facebook. And when it came to reporting on graphic content, Asteris Masouras said there’s a balance to strike between protecting people and informing them: In the case of the photo of 3-year-old Syrian Aylan Kurdi, Reported.ly chose to describe the image rather than repost it.

+ More from this weekend’s ONA conference: Winners of the 2016 Online Journalism Awards include New York Magazine for its story “Cosby: The Women” and Quartz for general excellence in online journalism (Online News Association)