Just three days after removing human editors, Facebook’s trending news section included a fake story about Megyn Kelly getting fired from Fox News

On Friday, Facebook announced that it would no longer employ human editors for its trending news section; on Monday, Facebook’s trending news section included a fake news story claiming Megyn Kelly was fired from Fox News. The story about Kelly occupied the top spot on Facebook’s trending news section, a spot that supposed to include “automatically selected original news story with an excerpt pulled directly from the top article itself.” Even though the story was fake, Abby Ohlheiser writes, “one thing about this whole debacle is very believable, though: that the [Megyn Kelly] article was shared widely across Facebook,” showing flaws in Facebook’s trending news algorithm.

+ “What does it mean when [Facebook is] promoting blatantly false news and clickbait aggregation? How can legitimate news outlets operate in this environment when they are becoming increasingly reliant on Facebook? Do users even care that they’re being fed stories from sites of ill repute?” (Nieman Lab); Algorithms aren’t without bias, Christopher Groskopf writes, because human biases are inevitably written into the algorithm (Quartz)

+ Facebook says it’s working on ways to more accurately detect fake news now(Business Insider)