How journalists are facing up to ever-shrinking newsrooms

Job insecurity for those working in news has led to four types of journalists, says a new paper, “Newswork within a culture of job insecurity: producing news amidst organisational and industry uncertainty” from Iowa University. The four are: hopeful, obliging, fearful, and cynical. The authors give detailed assessments of each category and the most interesting sections of the report deal with the fearful and cynical news workers, writes Roy Greenslade.

+ Inside the New York Times’ video strategy: In September, the NYT served up 15.5 million desktop video streams to over 4 million uniques and one way it did that is by peppering videos throughout relevant articles on its site (Digiday)

+ Journalism’s new beats: A venn diagram of the progressive, niche and clicky (Columbia Journalism Review); Behind the scenes, Storyful exposes viral hoaxes for news outlets (NPR); Misleading headlines can leave lasting impressions, even if you read the article, says a new study (Fast.Co Design); Newly appointed Quartz executive editor S. Mitra Kalita on authentic journalism, smart audiences, global expansion, and the essence of a good headline (WAN-IFRA)