‘I Ignored Trump News for a Week. Here’s What I Learned.’

Farhad Manjoo spent last week avoiding news about Trump, not to “stick my head in the sand” but to “learn about the modern news media by looking at how thoroughly Mr. Trump had subsumed it.” After finding it hard to find Trump-free news and coming across important stories that aren’t shared as widely, Manjoo asks if we’re “overdosing on Trump news, to the exclusion of everything else.” He writes: “It’s only been a month since Mr. Trump took office, and already the deluge of news has been overwhelming. … For now, this might be all right. It’s important to pay attention to the federal government when big things are happening. But Mr. Trump is likely to be president for at least the next four years. And it’s probably not a good idea for just about all of our news to be focused on a single subject for that long.”