How New York magazine brought its Cosby cover story to readers while its website was hacked

New York magazine published a powerful cover story on Monday with testimonies from 35 women who said they were assaulted by Bill Cosby, but the magazine’s website was brought down hours later by a hacker who says he hates New York City. While the website was inaccessible, New York magazine made the story available on other platforms, including publishing the article in full on Tumblr. On Instagram, the magazine posted testimonies one by one, announcing each on Twitter. New York magazine’s response to the attack shows that “crafting multiple versions of the same article on different platforms can protect journalism and preserve access to important work.

+ Nate Silver criticized Vox on Twitter for aggregating New York magazine’s story (Mediaite), following earlier criticisms of Vox’s aggregation of FiveThirtyEight charts