How Facebook is changing the way its users consume journalism

Facebook is “increasingly becoming to the news business what Amazon is to book publishing,” writes Ravi Somaiya, noting that while other services, like Twitter and Google News, can also exert a large influence, “Facebook is at the forefront of a fundamental change in how people consume journalism.” The article is worth reading for perspective on Facebook’s view on its impact on news and insights into just how often the News Feed algorithm does change: “Roughly once a week, [Facebook engineer Greg Marra] and his team of about 16 adjust the complex computer code that decides what to show a user when he or she first logs on to Facebook,” reports Somaiya.

+ David Carr’s look at Facebook and publishers: “The Facebook dog is loose, and he’s acting more friendly than hungry. But everyone knows that if the dog is big enough, he can lick you to death as well.

+ “Once the butt of jokes for being the site where visitors could find anything, true or not, Wikipedia in recent years has become a more trusted source of information — certainly for settling bar bets, but even for weighty topics like Ebola.” (New York Times) and The Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Infectious Disease Edition (On the Media)