Designing for users by generation: Inspiration from

Josh Benton writes about Melody Kramer’s experiment to think about what a good news design would look like for Betty, her 89-year-old neighbor. Kramer’s post about watching Betty look for news on her iPad (over tea) contextualized her experiment: there are 13 million people age 75 to 84 and 5 million between 85 and 94 — and that population will grow. One reader named Daniel Davis took up the challenge and made, “which aims for simple navigation and an aversion to user error,” and is inspiration for designing for specific needs of a user group.

+ Upworthy cofounder: “We sort of unleashed a monster. Sorry for that. … I’m excited going forward to say goodbye to clickbait.” (Business Insider)

+ Bloomberg’s interactive, circular reinvention of the March Madness bracket is something to see (Bloomberg)