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The coverage of the Orlando nightclub shooting on Sunday was largely about ‘amplifying the politics of blame’

Washington Post

“In too many cases, news outlets were busy amplifying the politics of blame,” Margaret Sullivan writes on Sunday’s coverage of the Orlando nightclub shooting, with some news organizations taking stances such as declaring the shooting as terrorism or emphasizing that it happened at a gay club. That’s partly driven by economics, with news organizations feeling the need to reach the largest audience possible. As for whether that’s starting to change, Emily Bell says after the Newtown shooting in 2012, news organizations started to see the danger of speed and the need for new methods of verification, which we started to see put into action in the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

+ An earlier post on how to reach out to and interview witness and victims of trauma: Aim for in-person or phone interviews, be respectful when requesting interviews on social media, and avoid questions that ask the source to speculate beyond what they definitively know (Poynter)

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