‘The case against media. By the media.’

“Dire signs for media were everywhere this year,” New York Magazine writes: Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, questions about why more news organizations weren’t paying attention to police shootings, and accusations of being both too far to the right and too far to the left. New York Magazine talked to journalists about the structural problems in journalism and what journalism’s greatest faults are. Among the answers: News loves simple villains and simple heroes, complex stories are reduced to simple narratives, and journalists often think they know the story before they report it.

+ New York Magazine also surveyed 113 people working in print, television, and digital media on their grievances about the industry, finding that the respondents said the top three problems facing media is that broken business models that make it harder for journalists do good work, broken business models force journalists to pander to their audiences, and journalists have to sensationalize to keep readers interested (New York Magazine)