Breaking down the different kinds of ‘fake news’ online

“Fake news” is an inherently unhelpful term, Claire Wardle writes, but many times, we don’t have a better term to use. Wardle breaks down the different forms of misinformation online — ranging from totally fabricated content to misleading information to satire and parody — and analyzes how this information is being disseminated. “If we’re going to truly understand the situation we find ourselves in, we need to understand the severity and we need to understand what we’re fighting. Throwing the term fake news around, even with air quotes, is getting us nowhere,” Wardle writes.

+ Michael Schudson asks, what makes up non-”fake news”? A willingness to retract, correct or apologize for misstatements in a timely manner, reliance on professional ethics, and a willingness to pursue evidence or viewpoints that are counter to your own hunches (CJR)