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Branding videos for tronc look more like something from ‘Adult Swim’ than a legitimate branding video


Videos posted on tronc’s official HR YouTube account look more like something created by the people who directed Adult Swim videos “Too Many Cooks” and “Smart Pipe,” Recode’s Noah Kulwin writes. The videos talk about “content funnels,” “artificial intelligence,” “optimization,” and a host of other buzzwords, with the goal of getting “employees informed and motivated” about tronc’s philosophy, spokesperson Dennis Culloton told Recode.

+ Some more thoughts on tronc’s branding videos: “Although there’s ‘an element of SNL commercial parody’ about the videos, they do sum up a key element of tronc’s strategy: produce lots of video” (Poynter); A translation guide to the tronc branding videos: “This is the future of journalism. The future of content. If you care about media and technology, this is the place to be” translates to “tronc is cool and cutting-edge” (Select All)

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