Arizona Republic publisher Mi-Ai Parrish responds to the threats it received after endorsing Clinton

By endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, publisher Mi-Ai Parrish writes that the Arizona Republic’s staff knew it would be an unpopular choice with readers. What they didn’t expect were violent threats. In a powerful editorial, Parrish responds to those threats, humanizing the Arizona Republic’s staff and their choice: “To those of you who have said that someone who disagrees with you deserves to be punished, I give you Phil. Our editorial page editor is a lifelong Republican, a conservative and a patriot. He was an early voice of reason, arguing calmly that Donald Trump didn’t represent the values of the party he loves. Phil understands that free speech sometimes requires bravery.”

+ The Committee to Protect Journalists broke with its own traditions in its statement against Trump, a decision that board chairwoman Sandra Mims Rowe says was carefully considered and was also owed to American journalists (Washington Post)

+ Trump is convincing Americans that the media is conspiring against them, and Jim Rutenberg writes “American newsrooms will be making a big mistake — and missing a huge continuing story — if they fail to adjust their coverage to better illuminate the concerns of Mr. Trump’s supporters well beyond Election Day” (New York Times)