Apps continue to dominate the mobile web, says a new report

The latest report from mobile analytics company Flurry shows that the average US mobile consumer spends 86 percent of her time, or 2 hrs and 19 minutes per day, on apps. That compares to only 14 percent or just 22 minutes on the mobile web. The report also breaks down the types of apps used on iOS and Android — gaming and Facebook make up the majority of app time. Another thing to note is the ad spending comparison: While Facebook’s ad spend aligns with its time spent, Google earned 49 percent of the overall mobile advertising revenues with just 18 percent of the time spent.

News organizations shouldn’t look at Flurry’s data and think readers are so enamored with apps that just any app presence will suffice (Poynter); The NYTNow app is now available in the App Store (iTunes store)

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