6 fresh ideas for news design from a #SNDMakes designathon

The Society for News Design hosted its second #SNDMakes hackathon in Boston this past weekend with participants from legacy media companies — including the Boston Globe, ESPN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times — and new media outfits like Vox Media and Slate. Caroline O’Donovan recaps the six projects, which include ideas on how to guide a reader’s path through a website and how fact-checking processes can be fused more seamlessly into a journalist’s workflow.

+ More ideas from Shorthand, a platform for building interactives, at the “Building the news” event (Immersive)

+ What journalists worry about in the middle of the night (American Journalism Review)

+ “What information is valuable (which involves thinking hard about how and why it’s used) and how might journalists produce it? Start with those questions and you have a way of cutting through vested interest, nostalgia and muddled thinking.” (George Brock)