Seeing success with its tablet edition, La Presse will not focus on smartphone apps

Canadian newspaper La Presse ended its daily print edition at the end of December, instead publishing on its tablet edition La Presse+. Each weekday, around 250,000 unique devices access La Presse+, and 100,000 new devices have started using the tablet app weekly since the print edition ended, Catalina Albeanu reports. But despite the success La Presse is seeing with its tablet edition, publisher Guy Crevier says the newspaper won’t try to focus on a smartphone edition next: “We didn’t want to compete with these [smartphone app creators], that’s why we have the tablet product. Maybe they will grab 50 or 60 percent of the market, but we want to be the best one of the 40 percent that’s left.”

+ More on tablet editions: Toronto Star expects its tablet edition to break even in 2017, and it will invest $7.43 million USD into the tablet edition in 2016 (Reuters); Toronto Star is using La Presse’s platform for its tablet edition