Publishers worldwide are getting concerned about mobile ad blocking as a survey finds 37 percent of mobile users say they block ads

Ad blocking is not a new concern for publishers, but fear is starting to spread to mobile devices, Financial Times’ Robert Cookson writes. A survey from Global Web Index found that 37 percent of mobile users worldwide said they had blocked ads on their device in the last month, and 70 percent of respondents said they were either blocking ads already or interested in doing so. Ad blocking is also starting to happen at a network level, as carriers such as the Caribbean’s Digicel and Europe’s Three are starting to block ads on their networks.

+ Some initial thoughts on Three’s plan to block ads on its network: The initial responses are likely overblown because it could force advertisers to become more creative, and the option for revenue shares could be possible if users are charged for the ad-free network (Digiday) and an idea from Germany’s Gruner + Jahr on how to fight ad blockers: Users are asked to disable their ad blocker or pay a small amount for day’s access or week’s access (Digiday)

+ Emily Bell: With platforms and ad blocking, publishers are in increasing danger of losing control of their businesses (Guardian)