Norwegian newspaper editor to Mark Zuckerberg: Recognize your role as ‘the world’s most powerful editor’

Norway’s largest newspaper Aftenposten is standing up to Facebook after the social network censored a historic photo of the Vietnam War. Aftenposten’s editor in chief Espen Egil Hansen says in his open letter to Mark Zuckerberg that the paper will not comply Facebook’s requirement to remove the image. Hansen also calls on Zuckerberg to live up to his role as “the world’s most powerful editor.” “I am worried that the world’s most important medium is limiting freedom instead of trying to extend it,” Hansen writes. “But I am also writing — and I hope you will understand this — because I take a positive attitude to the possibilities that Facebook has opened up. I only hope that you will utilize the possibilities in a better way.”

+ The image in question was a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph showing a young, naked child running away from a Napalm attack during the Vietnam War and was originally posted by a Norwegian writer (Aftenposten); The writer who posted the image was suspended from Facebook, and when Aftenposten reported on the suspension, it was asked by Facebook to “either remove or pixelize” the photograph, but Facebook deleted the post before Aftenposten could respond (Guardian)