Could a ‘Journalist Rescue Fund’ take threatened reporters out of harm’s way?

Raju Narisetti suggests creating a Journalist Rescue Fund modeled after a program for protecting scholars threatened by their regimes, Scholar Rescue Fund. The Fund “would be at the heart of deeply held beliefs about free markets and free societies, the value of a free press, and the growing role of technology in furthering journalism communities and conversations around the world — all of which ought to stand for free expression,” writes Narisetti.

+ Russian journalists try to thwart Kremlin censorship: “As the ruble crashed … the lead story for most TV stations in Moscow was not the country’s dire financial crisis. It was this: ‘President Vladimir Putin has won the annual Man of the Year award for the 15th year running.’” (Marketplace)

+ Why the Huffington Post UK has set its sights on long reads (