How an Italian local news group is using automation to produce about 250 videos per day

Some balked at Tronc’s goal to put out 2,000 videos per day through automation— but Italy’s Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso is on their way to doing just that. Using a tool called Wochit, the local news group (which has 18 local and regional titles in Italy) is producing 250 videos per day on average. Wochit is a platform that helps turn text-based stories into videos with “elements of automation.” The smaller newsrooms produce about two videos per day, but the larger newsrooms are producing as many as 10 videos each day. And these videos are finding success on social media, executive editor of Finegil G’E Local Andrea Iannuzzi says: “We mostly try to do short, one-minute videos, and they work better on social than they do on the web, even though they can also work online in the case of breaking news.”