German officials are worried that Russia will interfere in their elections this fall and are proposing new measures to combat fake news

Motivated by the fear that Russia will try to intervene in their own elections this fall, German officials are considering new measures to “hunt down and eradicate fake news or other false information from the internet,” including fining Facebook for fake news posts. Political parties in Germany have already been instructed to disable bots that automatically share stories to social media, because they can be easily manipulated into distributing propaganda. And, German officials’ fears are likely justified, German Marshall Fund’s senior transatlantic fellow for central and eastern Europe Joerg Forbrig says: “There is a strong expectation that Russia has already collected material that will be released closer to the elections.”

+ How Italy is dealing with fake news: While its prime minister vaguely hinted at legislative action late last month, Italian Competition Authority chairman Giovanni Pitruzzella says that EU countries should deal with “post-truth politics” by establishing antitrust-like agencies devoted to finding and removing fake news (Poynter)