Cautiously seeking scale, Financial Times plans to make its paywall ‘leakier’ with content on platforms

After making more articles available to read to users coming from social media last spring, the Financial Times will make articles from distributed platforms including Apple News and Google AMP available to users free of charge. Business to consumer global managing director Jon Slade says the idea behind making the paywall “leakier” is letting more people sample FT’s work and get into the habit of reading FT: “We could [triple] our traffic overnight if we made all our journalism free to access, but we’re interested in the quality of the visits. Everything we do is driven by analytics, and we need to reach people on social platforms in thoughtful ways.”

+ Earlier: In September, FT dropped its paywall for 24 hours in an effort to attract more subscribers and opened a small leak in its paywall earlier that summer for users visiting from Twitter