How virtual reality news experiences generate more empathy than reading or watching TV

Eleven out of 14 projects in an experimental showcase of the Sundance Film Festival this year are enhanced by virtual reality, and a couple of them are news-related projects. One we have noted before came from VICE News, another was Project Syria, a VR experience by students at USC that puts a user in Syria near a bomb blast. “In America, we’re deeply involved in Syria, but we’re very disconnected about — what is that place?” says project leader Nonny de la Peña. “Who are the people? Why do I care? Why are we there?”

+ VC Andreessen Horowitz’s Chris Dixon’s take on VR: “What will likely succeed … are relatively simple experiences.” (Cdixon Blog); VR is one of the 16 trends that tech startup investors Andreessen Horowitz is tracking (Quartz)