Twitter may have committed itself to a ‘live’ strategy last year, but it’s still offering essentially the same product it was when it launched in 2006

A year ago, Twitter said in a letter to its shareholders that it was committing itself to a “live” strategy, trying to make itself a place where people would talk about events as they were happening in real-time. But thinking about that statement in the context of Sunday night’s Oscars mistake “highlights what I and so many others mean when we bemoan Twitter’s product stagnation, and how said stagnation so severely limited the company’s long-term prospects — and, on the flipside, how to think about innovation and the disruption of what came before,” Ben Thompson writes. What makes Twitter good for live events is seeing something happening, and then the immediate reaction — which is currently lost once the event is over. Thompson imagines “a Twitter app that, instead of a generic Moment that is little more than Twitter’s version of a thousand re-blogs, let you replay your Twitter stream from any particular moment in time.”