Why Twitter isn’t likely to get an edit button: It wouldn’t attract new Twitter users

The addition of an edit button on Twitter would solve a lot of the platform’s problems, Will Oremus writes. If a tweet ends up being inaccurate or unclear now, the original tweet is often deleted, but that’s a flawed solution, because the tweet simply disappears, often without explanation. Twitter’s Kevin Weil has said that an edit option on Twitter comes with its own challenges, such as if the meaning of a tweet changes after it’s been rebroadcasted. But Oremus suggests another problem: “Twitter can no longer afford to prioritize the interests of the people who use it. In order to vastly expand its active user base, the company must instead prioritize the putative interests of people who do not use it. For people who do not use Twitter today, an edit function is highly unlikely to be the change that lures them in at last.”

+ In other changes on Twitter: Twitter expanded its GIF size limit from 5MB to 15MB, “opening up all kinds of new possibilities for situations when plain text just doesn’t cut it” (The Verge)