Twitter is increasingly a media company, and its list of potential buyers should reflect that

“Let’s define Twitter once and for all,” Christopher Mims writes, “Twitter is a media company that happens to be based in San Francisco, and it should be structured, led and valued as such. Twitter is no longer a technology-driven hypergrowth unicorn.” And because Twitter is “increasingly a place where content is born,” Mims argues that Twitter’s potential buyers (and stock price) should reflect this reality: “Most investors already view Twitter as something of a hybrid between a media company and a tech company. … Surely a better fit [than Salesforce], once Twitter’s market cap looks more like that of a media company, would be a company like Disney or Verizon, which owns AOL and has agreed to buy the core assets of Yahoo Inc.”

+ Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says his company has walked away from a Twitter acquisition deal: “It wasn’t the right fit for us,” Benioff said (Financial Times);With Salesforce out, each of Twitter’s rumored bidders have now said that they aren’t interested (Fortune)