Snapchat’s latest update includes a redesign of its chat function, making it easier to understand

In an update released Tuesday, Snapchat made its chat function easier for users to navigate, but also made it look more similar to its competitors, Mike Murphy writes. Users now have more options in the chat area, including videos, stickers and voice calls. While some of those features are new, many existed in the previous version. The update provides more signposting for users, which Murphy writes is an important change: “This could perhaps be an indication that Snapchat is trying to make its messaging service feel less exclusive — and easier to use — as it aims to directly take on social messaging competitors like (Facebook) Messenger and WhatsApp.”

+ The software update also came with an update to its privacy policy that could allow for customized ads: Snapchat changed the wording of a clause about how it uses customer information to “personalize the services by, among other things, suggesting friends or profile information, or customizing the content we show you, including ads” (Digiday)