Research as revenue: VentureBeat raises $2.6 million to fund a market for industry research

Called VB Insight, the platform is built on an App Store-inspired marketplace model that will offer a range of research reports for sale from VentureBeat analysts as well as outside contributors. The launch is a recognition that digital publishers of VentureBeat’s scale — the company’s various verticals combine for about 7.5 million monthly uniques — must continue to diversify their revenue sources. Otherwise, “you’re at the mercy of the pageview,” says VP of product John Koetsier. “And there is a race to the bottom.” The company also produces 7-10 events per year, but Koetsier says the research strategy has the potential to be a third major revenue source.

+ And data as revenue: ProPublica says it’s generated “well over” $30,000 in new revenue from its data store (Nieman Lab)