Research from Facebook and Twitter show that people process mobile content faster

Research conducted independently by Facebook and Twitter shows that people process content on mobile faster and can even recall content in the news feed after one second of exposure. Twitter’s Jeffrey Graham and Facebook’s Fidji Simo say that particular finding means that “after only one second, ad recall goes up enough to be attributed to exposure.” If a user makes it through the first few seconds of a video, they’re more likely to keep watching: On Facebook, once a user watches the first three seconds, 65 percent go on to watch at least 10 seconds of the video and 45 percent watch at least 30 seconds; Twitter also found a strong correlation between watching the first three seconds of a video and watching the video to the end.

+ Cory Bergman on the “surprising value of a mobile user”: “The most successful mobile experiences connect people, and as they scale, they get better and generate massive amounts of data. That data is enabling unprecedented ad targeting and return on investment.” (Mobile Media Memo)