Nasty Gal is killing it on Instagram, here’s how

Whether Instagram is “worth it” depends if your customers are even using the social network, writes Danielle Geva. But you should also know that Instagram may not drive much traffic (and in turn sales) overnight, but it’s invaluable for building a loyal community. Geva shares lessons from Nasty Gal, an online retailer, as a case study and how to tap into Instagram’s audience.

The Business of Fashion blog started on Imran Amed’s sofa, but in seven years is now worthy of a place on its own list of the top 500 players in the fashion industry (Telegraph)

What is a brand, according to Robert Brunner, chief design officer of Beats Audio, and former director of industrial design at Apple and also a partner at Pentagram: “Risk is not a four letter word — risk and innovation are closely tied and when you do things for the first time, it is very risky. Avoiding risk is the riskiest thing you can do. Design and risk go hand in hand and if you eliminate the risk, you will do whatever everyone is doing.” (Om)