A game developer on making your brand the first priority of development

Dots CEO Paul Murphy explains why a brand-focused approach was critical in building Dots and then its sequel TwoDots and why branding doesn’t just belong to marketers and advertisers and PR folks. “Your brand is the feeling that a player’s mind latches onto when they engage with your product. It’s what players are thinking about, consciously or not, when they aren’t playing your game,” writes Murphy. Much of this is also applicable to how your audience may relate to your news product or app.

+ How Blendle was designed: “The hardest part of it was that we had to come up with something that would feel more valuable than any other website. Because, why should you pay for an article that looks worse than an article that you can read for free?” (Medium)

+ The 36 people who run Wikipedia and what the weirdest, wildest, most successful participatory project in history tells us about working together: “People take part because they enjoy it, because they learn, because it has the ability to teach. They become leaders not to gain power or money or fame, but simply because it is a community and project they value.” (Medium)