Facebook isn’t the only platform that’s growing live video: YouTube says its live video views grew 80% over the last year

Facebook may be paying publishers and celebrities to use its live video tool, but live video is growing on other platforms, too. YouTube says its live video views grew by 80 percent over the last year, while the number of live streams grew by 130 percent. YouTube’s dominance in online video means that it has an edge over Facebook and other platforms for live streaming, Midia Research’s Tim Mulligan explains: “While Facebook is paying professionals to start using its platform, YouTube’s pros have already built up highly engaged audiences. Content creators are what will define who wins in this battle of live video.”

+ Does Facebook Live mid-roll ads make sense for advertisers? Maybe not, because Facebook Live makes it hard to guarantee the live stream will be contextually relevant and engagement can’t be forced on Facebook Live (Advertising Age)