Designing products for news with the Werewolf game

In the regular children’s game of Werewolf, the moderator divides players into two secret teams (werewolves and the villagers), in which the werewolves’ goal is to kill all of the villagers before being discovered and the villagers’ goal is to identify the werewolves and vote to lynch them. In NPR digital strategist Melody Kramer’s adaption of the game at MozFest 2014, “the goal was to build a new digital product before the werewolf could destroy all the features,” writes Alex Duner. However tenuous of a metaphor, the game helped illustrate the group’s thinking about “the most advanced, cutting edge features we could cram into our audio player,” doing so “without thinking about why a listener might want to use them or about how we could get the support of the company to build those features.”

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