Bloggers are starting to worry about how an algorithm-based Instagram feed will affect their engagement

In the wake of the news that Instagram may soon move to an algorithm-based feed, bloggers are starting to get worried about how those changes would affect them. Fashion bloggers in particular began asking their followers on Instagram Monday to turn on post notifications for their Instagrams, so their posts will still be seen even if an algorithm pushes them down. While the feed changes couldaffect some users more than others, bloggers would be particularly harmed by a drop in views: To make money, many bloggers depend on affiliate links on Instagram that link to shopping sites, where the blogger makes a commission off sales.

+ Publishers and bloggers might be worried, but an algorithm-based Instagram feed could be good for users, Alex Fitzpatrick writes: “I don’t check my feed more than a couple of times a day on average. Instagram’s claim that the average user misses 70 percent of their friends’ photos rings true to me. … I would rather see all of my friends’ posts, even if out of order, rather than miss them entirely. That’s what the site’s algorithm promises” (Time)