The Washington Post becomes the first paper to call for the prosecution of its own source

You might have heard: The Washington Post’s editorial board called for the prosecution of Edward Snowden, saying that only one of the government programs Snowden revealed was in the public interest (Washington Post)

But did you know: Three out of the four news organizations that received NSA documents from Edward Snowden have called for the U.S. government to allow Snowden to return with no charges. But the fourth, The Washington Post, instead is calling for the U.S. government to prosecute Snowden on espionage charges. That makes the Post the first newspaper to ever call for the prosecution of one of its sources — and a source for a story that the Post won the Pulitzer Prize for. Glenn Greenwald writes, “[The Post’s editorial board] might want to denounce their own paper and even possibly call for its prosecution for revealing top-secret programs they now are bizarrely claiming should never have been revealed to the public in the first place.”