After Univision excludes from its acquisition offer, will shut down next week

You might have heard: Univision bid $135 million for Gawker Media, but that bid doesn’t include (The Street)

But did you know: After 14 years, will end its operations next week after Univision declined to include the website in its offer for Gawker Media. Staff were informed Thursday afternoon that the site would be closing, and J.K. Trotter says staff will be assigned to new roles at either one of Gawker Media’s six other sites or elsewhere in Univision. Yet to be decided is what will happen to’s archives.

+ “Every writer in the United States of America, no matter who they work for, should be terrified by what just happened. Peter Thiel showed the world that you can destroy a media outlet with almost no personal risk” (Esquire); “Gawker’s founding legacy was its attitude and its style, which influenced both those who loved it and those who hated it. Its final legacy will be the way in which it was destroyed, by a man with deep pockets and a lengthy grudge who backed not only Hogan’s lawsuit but several others, under the theory that if one failed to decapitate the site, another might succeed” (Washington Post)

+ Nick Denton says after closes, he’s getting out of the news business: He’ll be working on other projects, but specifies that those are “out of the news and gossip business” (Poynter)