Unable to find a replacement for its executive director, the Sunlight Foundation will look to merge with another organization

You might have heard: After two years leading the Sunlight Foundation, executive director Christopher Gates stepped down in January (Poynter)

But did you know: After its former executive director Christopher Gates left the organization earlier this year, the Sunlight Foundation’s board considered about two dozen candidates as his replacement. But none of those candidates “persuaded [the board] of both a compelling new strategic vision and of their capacity to lead Sunlight to its achievement.” Now, the Sunlight Foundation will look for another organization to merge with, in “an arrangement that advances and preserves Sunlight’s mission and identity with increased efficiency and effectiveness.” As a result, Sunlight is ending tool-building and database maintenance, and asking others to continue its “most promising projects.” Former Sunlight staffers are already working to keep OpenStates, a project that scrapes state bills on a daily basis, up and running.

+ Sunlight is also laying off 5 people as it looks for an organization to merge with: Before the layoffs, Sunlight’s staff was at about 20 people, half of what it was in 2014 (Poynter)