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Taking on corporations and financial interests — by using data — is at the core of many Pulitzer Prize-winning stories, despite the fact that there’s no Pulitzer category for business reporting

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You might have heard:  Data is essential to making the journalism of today stronger than what came before

But did you know: This year alone, at least a third of the 28 Pulitzer winners or finalists explored the relationship between business and its impact on society. American business is arguably as powerful, if not more powerful than politics. Because corporations create millions of jobs and control vast amounts of money and resources, their sheer economic power dwarfs governments’ ability to regulate and oversee them, which adds pressure on journalists to act as watchdogs. And what distinguishes today’s business reporting from the past is vibrant storytelling and the ability to use powerful computers and interactive graphics to make sense of complex data.

+ Noted: Gannett buys North Jersey Media Group papers (Politico); After more than seven years, the Wall Street Journal’s Bankruptcy Beat is going off the air (Wall Street Journal); Snapchat is about to get less raw — and way more addictive (BuzzFeed); 21st Century Fox is launching an ‘internal review’ at Fox News following Gretchen Carlson lawsuit (Politico)

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