Sources say the Las Vegas Review-Journal was bought by casino owner Sheldon Adelson, and the sale was arranged by his son-in-law

You might have heard: The Las Vegas Review-Journal was bought by News Media + Capital Group LLC, but no one was sure who was behind that company, leading to Review-Journal staff to launch a Twitter campaign urging the owners to come forward and the Society of Professional Journalists to release a statement calling for transparency from the owners

But did you know: The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that sources have confirmed that the newspaper was bought by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson for $140 million. The purchase was arranged by Adelson’s son-in-law Patrick Dumont. Adelson previously tried to acquire the Review-Journal before the paper’s sale in February to New Media Investment, which was also reportedly led by Dumont. Meanwhile, Adelson told CNN Money that he has “no personal interest” in the Review-Journal.

+ Why was it such a big secret in the first place? “Clearly this isn’t a vanity play, and it’s also hard to imagine it as a financial investment (particularly given the steep price tag). What that leaves is political influence, particularly in a swing state like Nevada. That said, however, it would seem difficult to direct editorial coverage when the actual editorial writers are in the dark as to who signs their paychecks.” (Fortune)