Smaller publishers are worrying that they’ve ceded too much control to Google AMP

You might have heard: Google Accelerated Mobile Pages launched in February 2016 as a tool to help speed up the mobile web

But did you know: When Google Accelerated Mobile Pages launched nearly a year ago, it promised faster-loading mobile pages, a promise the project has delivered on. But smaller publishers working with Google AMP are worried that they’ve ceded too much control, especially in terms of how URLs show up for users. When a reader clicks on an AMP link, the URL shows, instead of the publisher’s URL. Search Engine Land’s founding editor Danny Sullivan says, “It looks like a Google story. … That’s part of the reason why you’re getting the nervousness from some of these publishers.” Last month, Google told Search Engine Land that it was working on making it easier for publishers to use their own links and redirect readers to their sites, but didn’t elaborate on what those plans were.