Salon Media Group’s new CEO’s plans to turn the company around includes growing through acquisitions

You might have heard: Salon was once seen as “an embodiment of the media’s future,” but continued to struggle financially and lost many of its respected writers (Politico Media)

But did you know: Jordan Hoffner was named CEO of Salon Media Group last week, and he’s already got big plans to turn the company around. In a memo to staff, Hoffner outlined some of that thinking, which includes raising Salon’s stock price and growing through acquisitions. Hoffner writes: “The trick is to do this while making Salon a profitable and growing company. We do this by being intelligent about how we spend our resources, both in time and money, and vastly improving the key levers that drive revenue growth. That only happens when we embrace new thinking, make hard choices, bring forth and execute on ideas, and carefully measure results by collecting and scrutinizing the data.”