Publishers are worried that even native ads are also vulnerable to ad-blocking

You might have heard: Digital publishers are trying to cope with the rise of ad-blockers, with some publishers turning to native advertising as an alternative

But did you know: As the industry tries to figure out how to deal with ad blockers, Mike Shields writes that one common proposed solution is native advertising. However, some publishers are beginning to worry that native ads aren’t immune to ad blocking either. Shields writes that for a site like BuzzFeed, sponsored content can be blocked by an ad-blocker if the content is displayed using BuzzFeed’s publishing technology. Ben Williams, head of operations and communications at Adblock Plus, says that while native ads can be blocked, they’re generally preferable to traditional ads: “Native ads are very promising because their raison d’être is to not intrude. But they must be labeled properly as an ad. If they’re just dressed up as editorial, that’s completely deceptive and completely unacceptable.”